7. July 2015 Administrator


woodi oy: Flexibel & platzsparend
From 24-28 February the Hannoveranian opened exhibition grounds his goals for 2015 Didacta presented new interior, on subjects such as pedagogy, digital teaching tools, educational and child-friendly exhibitors from different sectors, as well as enhancing gaming products. At the launch of the company’s products, it was not be overlooked that the angle of view of the company has greatly expanded. He finally applies the creative resources of the children, the flexibility through digital media, the economy, the social environment and the difficulties of communication between these branches. Still, it appears that the economy and the digital curiosity of children ahead are far the teachers, the educational opportunities and the flexibility of school publishers. The openness with which the advanced opportunities contrary to go businesses and schools slowly, makes it still hope: also Germany gradually arrives in the future-oriented school. Author: Lacrima Agatia Misaila