7. July 2015 Administrator

A bathroom for the baby

So some apartment, it has many House: the forgotten Stiefzimmer. It leads a lonely life as a dusty storage room, blind illuminated tool detention center or “the need we very probably still Chamber. But at some point, quite unexpectedly, comes from somewhere a little light here and applies the fate sheet of the lost room. In this case, it is the announcement of a new and happy to be expecting Earth dweller. With fresh warmth to the heart, the dusty Stiefzimmer will now enter. A premonition and yearning for room and shine for the baby and his subordinates can blink your eyes. misaila_logo must be, measure brought visions of a dream of water and relaxation, to paper, opened money bags and the spores the artisanal paws. The work may begin… Remains only the exciting question who faster sees the light of day: the bath or the baby? Author: Brian Agatia Misaila addendum of the 13-03.2015: the baby dreiwöchigem ahead! All best in this world for C.Z. and her family.